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America's Next Top Model By Amelie Evergreen is a youtube competition made with the sims 3 produced by Amelie April Evergreen. The show features a select number of girls who aspire to become super models. The 9-16 girls will face a panel of judges each week and one of the will be sent home. The show was established in 2012 and is currently on it's 2nd season. 


Edition Contestants Premiere Date Finale Date Overseas Destination


10 March 3rd 2013 March 18th 2014 Nordkapp, Norway
Two 11 July 6th 2014 Late Summer 2015 Palmero, Italy


This table shows the judges that have been present throughout the editions.

Judge Name Edition 1 Edition 2 Edition 3
Amelie Evergreen
Tia Kipps
Jaycee-Lynn Myers
Em Macolineglii


This table shows the lucky girls who have won the competition

Edition Winner
1 Arianna Jeans
2 ???????????

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The Host Amelie April Evergreen

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