1st Edition

This was the first installement of Antsm which premiered on March 3rd 2013. It featured a normal sntm format with a house part, challenge and panel each episode. The cast consisted of 10 girls, 4 of them were all-stars. 

Callout Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finale
Zahra Arianna Luna Arianna Luna Aofie Arianna Arianna
Aofie Natalia Natalia Adelia Aofie Arianna Aofie Zahra
Natalia Aofie Arianna Luna Arianna Zahra Zahra Aofie
Luna Zahra Sapphire Aofie Shu-Ling Adelia Luna Luna
Arianna Sapphire Shu-Ling Shu-Ling Adelia Luna Adelia
Dana Shu-Ling Aofie Sapphire Sapphire Shu-Ling
Adelia Luna Adelia Natalia
Sapphire Adela Zahra
Tamara Dana Dana
Shu-Ling Tamara
This Contestant Was Eliminated At Panel
This Contestant Was Eliminated At A Challenge
This Contestant Won The Challenge
This Contestant Was Brought Back
This Contestant Was A Late Addidition
  • Episode 1 was the casting episode and the finalist callout was created randomly
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