America's Next Top Sim Model

America's Next Top Sim Model (abbreviated ANTSM) is an American reality television series and interactive competition that premiered on March 3, 2013. It originally aired and is currently still airing on Amelie Chaude channel on Youtube. The program has aired one edition, and sees several women compete for the title "America's Next Top Sim Model", providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modelling industry. Its premise was originated with model and television personality, Amelie Evergreen, who additionally serves as its executive producer and presenter.

Edition 1

Fadeout Top 10

The Top 10 Of Edition 1

This was the first installement of  which premiered on March 3rd 2013. It featured a normal sntm format with a house part, challenge and panel each episode. The cast consisted of 10 girls, 4 of which, were all-stars from other sntm franchises.


The prizes for Edition 1 includes:

  • a modelling contract with leading sim modelling agency, Platinum Model Management
  • a modelling contract with Premiere Model Management
  • a modelling contract with Will's Secret Angels
  • a spread in Vogue magazine
  • a US$100,000 contract with Covergirl cosmetics


A group of 10 girls were choosen from the 26 semi-finalists to compete in the competition. 

(Still in the running unless stated otherwise & ages started at time of contest)

Contestant Age Creator Outcome
Tamara Thomson 20 BeautifulSimsMaker Eliminated in Episode 2
Dana Jeans 19 Sims3ultimate14 Eliminated in Episode 3
Natalia Kunis 24 Pisces Z Eliminated in Episode 4
Sapphire Myers 19 CPPenguinPranks Eliminated in Episode 5
Shu-Ling Wei 21 Ziyi Peng Eliminated in Episode 6
Adelia Aguilar 20 SnTm3 Eliminated in Episode 7
Luna Pride 21 Janiek96 Eliminated in Episode 8
Aofie Hansworth 22 Jackwacko981 Eliminated in Episode 9
Zahra Rashid 21 S3NTMForYou


Arianna Jeans 20 Sims3ultimate14



Callout Order

Amelie's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Zahra Arianna Luna Arianna Luna Aofie Arianna Arianna Arianna Arianna
2 Aofie Natalia Natalia Adelia Aofie  Arianna  Aofie Zahra Zahra Zahra
3 Natalia Aofie Arianna Luna Arianna Zahra Zahra Aofie Aofie
4 Luna Zahra Sapphire Aofie Shu-Ling Adelia Luna Luna
5 Arianna Sapphire Shu-Ling Shu-Ling Adelia   Luna   Adelia
6 Dana Shu-Ling Aofie Sapphire Sapphire Shu-Ling
7 Adelia Luna Adelia Natalia
8 Sapphire Adelia Zahra
9 Tamara Dana Dana
10 Shu-Ling Tamara


The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was eliminated outiside the panel
The contestant won the challenge
The contestant was later added to the cast
The contestant won the competition

Episode 1 was the casting - the call out order has nothing to do with the pics nor the performance that week; It was basically random.

- In episode 3, Dana was eliminated outside of panel for her unprofessionalism in the challenge.

- Zahra returned to the competition in episode 6.

sThe contestant won the challeng e

Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Tia Kipps

  • Part 1: The Applications
  • Part 2: The Semi's
  • Part 3: The First Cut
  • Part 4: 10 Perfect Ladies 
  • Part 5: Temporary Opening

Episode 2 - Fefe Lux

  • Part 1: Alexis's Mistake
  • Part 2: First Impressions
  • Part 3: Swamp Fashion
  • Part 4: Another Chance

Episode 3 - Will Freeman

  • Part 1:  I said Modelling
  • Part 2: Castle Gardens

Episode 4 - Chanel Powers

  1. Part 1: Drama, Drama and More Drama
  2. Part 2: Colours
  3. Part 3: Eliminated For Good

Episode 5 - Yuma Lozita

  • Part 1: Will you be my Friend?
  • Part 2: Oasis London 2013

Episode 6 - Dhana Defitry

  • Part 1: I'm a Gypsy
  • Part 2: Norway here we Come
  • Part 3: White as snow

Episode 7 - Joshua Comelio

  • Part 1: Blow Dryer
  • Part 2: Go See
  • Part 3: Myla London Campaign

Episode 8 - Sahvanha Rasputine

  • Part 1: Fart Attack
  • Part 2: Vogue 

Finale - Anastasia Ferrerira

  • Part 1: Lunch Of Piece
  • Part 2: Covergirl
  • Part 3: Winner's Club
  • Part 4: The Winner Is
  • Part 5: 


  • Natalia: Dyed Pink
  • Shu-Ling: Dyed Ice Blonde With Extensions
  • Adelia: Dyed Black And Shiny
  • Dana: Made Shinier
  • Arianna: Dyed Yellow Blonde
  • Luna: Dyed Red With Extensions
  • Tamara: Dyed Medium Brown
  • Aofie: Dyed Dark Brown
  • Sapphire: Dyed Brown With Blonde Highlights
  • Zahra: Dyed Medium Brown
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